Rejected Reductress Pitches

“One man’s poison is another man’s cake” – Idina Menzel

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‘Game of Thrones’, refugees, terror, and TV in the age of Trump

Back in May, CNN International correspondent Arwa Damon appeared on Crooked Media’s Pod Save the World to discuss the refugee crisis, among other topics. Beyond humanitarian reasons, she made a point about how the West extending help to refugees is also a strategic imperative in the fight against terror. When someone has seen their whole life blow up in a clash of global superpowers, a lifting hand from the governments in America or Europe offers an alternative to radicalization. A shut door only fuels the fire violent extremists hope to ignite. If we don’t want them to hate the West, why do we keep giving them reasons to? Why do we keep proving extremists right? As Damon says, “why do we want more hatred out there?”.

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From ally to queer, and everything in between

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I’ve always been a passionate, staunch supporter of LGBT rights, long before I fully came into my sexuality, but it was a war I could fight from afar. I’d march in with the cavalry, sweep the foes off the field, and leave elegantly, letting these people have their hard-earned party in peace. But now I’m expected to dance, and I don’t know how to move without feeling like a party crasher.

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“The Leftovers” is our greatest show about depression, and understanding why you can’t make yourself OK

In the sixth episode of the third and final season of HBO’s The Leftovers, a show so little-watched that it’s managed to survive on critical acclaim alone, three main characters contemplate suicide. Each of them does this for entirely different reasons, just three hours before the end of the series. These people’s lives are, or should be, by most metrics, “okay”: it’s been seven years since the Sudden Departure — the Rapture-like scenario that kicked off the series, in which 2% of the world’s population vanished without explanation —, and after much grieving, things have had time to settle down. Still, by the end of that hour, we’re left to wonder if one of them has actually gone through with it. And there is no judgment.

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The People v. Hannah Horvath: Are the ‘GIRLS’ Really That Awful?

What makes a good person? The characters on Girls have never been charged with murder, and it’s safe to assume that none of them vote Republican—though I’m definitely keeping an eye on Shoshanna in the future. However, consensus even among fans of the show seems to be that these are awful, terrible people; by and large, the worst of television. In a media landscape lush with wicked monarchs and avid serial killers, how is this possible?

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